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Circular vest (with chart)

Estoy recibiendo bastantes emails preguntando por este chaleco en inglés, así que con la ayuda de Cosas de Harne me animo a colgar una traducción.
Las interesadas en la versión en castellano, pinchad aquí.

This is the English translation for this pattern I posted almost 1 year ago. 
Please excuse my English. I hope you can understand the pattern.

If you have any doubts or you find mistakes please write to me ( mirincondemariposas @ hotmail . com ), so that I can correct them.

I crocheted this circular vest for my daughter with some beautiful cotton yarn I bought in Munich.

In this post you'll find the required materials and chart in case you want to crochet one.
Please remember, as everything else in my blog, it's ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE. Please don't sell my designs.

Materials: (size 4 to 6 years old )
  • 5  50gr cotton yarn Wolle Rödel - Mille Filli skeins (yellow, orange, blue, lime green, red)
  • 1  50gr cotton yarn Wolle Rödel - Diamant skein (violet)
  • hook: 3mm (2 1/2 US)
If you don't want to use so many colors, you'll have enough with 4 or 5 skeins.

It's just crocheting a big circle, leaving 2 armholes for the arms.
The vest's diameter is 64cm.
The back of the vest (distance between armholes) is 29cm.
As it's crochet, it easily fits bigger girls. 

 I have included a chart (drawn by myself) in case someone would like to crochet one as well.

Note: in each row, you will need to substitute the first stitch for:
  • 1 chain if it's a single crochet 
  • 2 chains if it's half double crochet 
  • 3 chains if it's double crochet 
  • 4 chains if it's triple crochet 
  • 5 chains if it's a "triple high stitch" or treble 

Row 1: ch 8, Sl st into first ch to join
Row 2: 16 hdc in the center of the hole, Sl st to join
Row 3: Sl st into next hdc, ch 1, sc in same stitch, ch 4, sk 1, *sc, ch 4, sk 1. repeat from * 6 more times, Sl st to join 

Pattern of these first rows

Refer to the char for the rest.

When some stitches in the chart have a common top line, it means they are cluster stitches.

Click on this image for a full-size original version, so that you can save it and print it out

I've left the armholes between the 2 double crochet rows, and used 34 foundation double crochet (fdc) stitches to create each one.  (These double crochet stitches don't have a chain below, each of them is crocheted into the base of the previous one. It's also called foundational stitches, and you can see them here.)

I still have to put something to tie it, maybe a button.

Happy crocheting!!

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  1. Pffff que maravilla. Es precioso. Ya quisiera yo entender las instrucciones y no lo digo x el ingles (q tb) sino q soy incapaz d hacer ni una triste cadeneta vamos jejej. El ganchillo es mi asignatura pendiente, pero me encantaria aprender.

    1. hay vídeos en youtube por ejemplo para aprender a hacer ganchillo :)
      y las instrucciones, arriba sale el enlace para la versión en español

    2. Mil gracias.....quizas alguna vez me ponga, pero de momento le tengo mucho respeto. Lo veo muy dificil jeje.

  2. Thanks for this instructions! I love the vest and will try to chrochet one for my 4-years old daugther!

  3. Thank you so much for the English version, as well! This is a super cute pattern. :)

  4. This is so beautiful. I have a baby grand daughter that will love this when she is older. Thank you so much

  5. Just stunning, do you have a pattern for an adult size perhaps?

    1. No, but you could use this same one with thicker yarn and hook.
      Just keep crocheting round until it's as wide as your back. Then leave the armholes and continue crocheting the rest until it's wide enough to close it on the front.

  6. Beautiful work! How do I print this out?

    1. you can print the whole post, or you can click on the chart image to open it so that you can save it or print it alone

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  8. How can this be enlarged to be an adult vest? I would love to make on for myself.

  9. This is a beautiful pattern and thank you for sharing it. I have one question. In the 10th round you show a chain 8, 1sc, chain 5, 5dc, chain 5, 1sc, chain 5, 1sc. What comes after that and will there be another chain 8? I'm not sure what the pattern is, if there is one. Thank you for your help. Becki

    1. Thank you for the beautiful vest pattern. Can you tell me what is the difference between the triple crochet and the triple high stitch?

    2. The triple high stitch is higher, 'cause you take one more loop of yarn at the beginning. In the case of the triple crochet you bring the yarn twice around the hook, and with the triple high you bring the yarn 3 times around the hook
      (sorry, I can't explain it better in English)

    3. the triple high stitch is higher than the triple crochet

  10. hi beautiful patter! do u have it written out? my learning disability makes it hard for me to read chart.

    1. I'm sorry, I don't, and I won't 'cause it's so difficult for me to read and write patterns, I can only draw/read charts, sorry. Maybe you could print it out and ask someone to read it for you.

  11. I made one where I designed sleeves for it Love it!
    Thanks for the graph!
    ~ Glenna

  12. how about for a size 12 for girl? how can I make bigger. Thanks

    1. You could make the armholes a few rows later -when the back is wide enough- and then add some more rows at the end. Or you could simply use a thicker hook and thicker yarn.

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