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Another circular vest (with chart)

Estoy recibiendo bastantes emails preguntando por este chaleco en inglés, así que con la ayuda de Cosas de Harne me animo a colgar una traducción.
Las interesadas en la versión en castellano, pinchad aquí.

This is the translation for this post I put last autumn. 
Please excuse my English. I hope you can understand the pattern.

This circular vest is crocheted with wider yarn than this other circular vest.
It's for a 2-years-old girl, so it's got less rows.

Measures (for 2-3 years old):

The vest is 45cm diameter.
The armholes are 11cm tall.
The back of the vest (the width between the armholes) is 23cm. 

These are the measurements for 2-3 years old size.
Depending on the yarn and hook you use, the resulting size can be different.
Before leaving the gaps for armholes, check that it's big enough. If it isn't, add some more rows.

I have used less than 50gr of each color: yellow, orange, red, violet, and 8mm hook (L).

Here is the chart:
Clicking on this image will take you to the full-size original version, so you can save it

circle--> chain
T --> simple crochet
T with another -  --> double crochet

Note: In every row, change the first point for:
  • 1 chain if it's a simple crochet 
  • 2 chains if it's a double crochet

I've left the armholes between the 2 rows of double crochet. In the pattern it's marked with an arrow.
Those points don't have a chain under them, they are each one crocheted on the base of the previous one, as at the beginning of this headbandIt's also called foundational stitches.

To finish, add 2 long chains for closing the vest.

You can find the leg warmers here

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